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Andrews Hi-Tec Corporation provides electron beam welding services for customer applications ranging from the automobile industry to life saving medical devices and to advanced rockets and spacecraft.


We were founded in the 1980s to revolutionize customer production, with the ultimate goal of enabling ingenuity and advancement of the human race.


We have been engaged in electron beam welding technologies for over 35 years now and our president Julian Andrews has been in the electron beam industry for well over 45 years. Located in Southern California, Andrews Hi-Tec Corporation was established in 1984 as a metal components processor specializing in electron beam welding. Our capabilities include manufacturing, assembly, testing and inspection. We are worldwide recognized for our superior electron beam welding capabilities and high standards of quality.


Our modern facility houses the entire staff of Andrews Hi-Tec with a wide variety of expertise such as design engineers, metallurgists, machinists and computer experts.

Our fully air conditioned, temperature controlled facility includes the welding machine areas, machining facilities, inspection area, chemical laboratories and an extensive inventory of fixtures and materials to provide the timely, efficient service you need.


Our employees take pride in contributing their enthusiasm, integrity and skills in maintaining Andrews Hi-Tec Corporation as a worldwide recognized electron beam welding source to the aerospace, medical, defense, and commercial industries.

Our Core Values

Always do your best.
We endeavor to apply the brightest minds and the best available technology to each and every new challenge. We do not cut corners, and we do not settle.

No deadline is perfect, but try anyway.
We constantly strive to improve the accuracy of our deadlines as well as the reliability and service with which they are delivered.

Respect and encourage people.
We believe that our company is only as successful as our clients and team members are successful. Treating them with respect and encouraging their success is the surest way to encourage our companies’ success.

Always be learning.
The world in which we live and the industry in which we operate are constantly changing. It is imperative to both personal and professional success that we understand those changes and adapt accordingly.


  • Julian Andrews

    Chief Executive Officer

  • Mark Andrews

    Vice President, EB Engineer

  • David Andrews

    VP, EB Engineer, Web Design

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