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In House Testing

Our capabilities include testing through helium mass spectrometer system & detecting & locating leakage rates as low as 0.000000001 std cu. cm/sec. ISO 9001 compliant. Meets ASME standards.

A helium mass spectrometer is an instrument commonly used to detect and locate small leaks. It was initially developed in the Manhattan Project during World War II to find extremely small leaks in the gas diffusion process of uranium enrichment plants. It typically uses a vacuum chamber in which a sealed container filled with helium is placed. Helium leaks out of the container, and the rate of the leak is detected by a mass spectrometer.

Andrews Hi-Tec is capable of leak testing virtually anything a customer has created. With a library of specifications, procedures and knowledge our certified inspectors can perform a multitude of tests. The equipment at our facility allows us to adapt to any type of part that requires testing. Ability of simulating different temperature cycles for customers who are looking for information about their part at cold and hot temperatures.

We stock numerous test fixtures and adaptors to keep fabrications fees to a minimum cost while at the same time offering fixture fabrication for production and repeated testing.

Our testing capability is unlimited and encompasses medium industry though micro-devices for medical implants. The pressure range of our leak testing ability is from high vacuum (1.0 x 10 -6 Torr) pressure testing. Our environmental temperatures range from cryogenic to 400 °F.

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