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Joining two pieces of metal together by spot welding can be quick and efficient. We primarily use resistance spot welding to procure perfect alignment of parts in addition to the use of our Electron Beam tooling fixtures.

With resistance spot welding there is no need to use any fluxes or filler metal to create a join by spot welding, and there is no dangerous open flame. Spot welding can be performed without any special skill.

Spot welding basically joins two pieces of metal using the heat from an electric current. The two pieces of metal are pressed together with electrodes on either side. The electrodes are connected via a small spot. The current must be applied for the correct amount of time in order to get a strong connection. The exact timing will depend on the types and thickness of metals being joined. We use spot welding to join many different metals, and can join different types of metals to each other.

Resistance Spot welding is a comparatively modern welding process. It came in to the field of welding in the early part of the 20th century. It is the most widely used resistance welding method. Andrews Hi-Tec’s main purpose of resistance spot welding is to join two parts together for preparation of Electron Beam welding.

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