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Take charge of your Electron Beam Welding production time. Reduce set-up time and project lead time, and increase efficiency and productivity in metalworking.

Our EB weld fixture tooling is designed to help you increase welding productivity on all your projects: prototyping, one time use fixtures, short runs, or dedicated, volume production jobs.

Andrews Hi-Tec designs and builds welding fixtures and tooling for any and all welding applications. Our designs are used in industries ranging from Automotive to Aerospace, Medical to Electronic, Oil Industry to Transportation, and many more. Whether you need tooling specific Electron Beam welding job, or even a mig & tig application, Andrews Hi-Tec can provide you everything you need.

We are dedicated to helping you work safely, efficiently, comfortably, and cost effectively. We’re on a mission to make better fixtures at better Prices.” For over 35 years we have communicated with EB welders and craftsmen to develop innovative tools that allow you to create a “proper” setup as the foundation for safe, and efficient work in welding, assembly, and repair applications.

EB Welding Fixture Tools Features and Benefits: Our tools are multi-functional, and adaptable for all types of workholding in welding, assembly, and repair operations.

All Andrews Hi-Tec tools are built and designed for fast setup and are affordably priced to fit any budget. We remain dedicated to designing the most innovative, timesaving, money-saving workholding tools to improve your efficiency, productivity, and profitability.

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